What are the Difference between Roku 4 and Roku Premiere?

what the difference between Roku 4 and Roku Premiere

To choose between two leading streaming players you must know what the difference between Roku 4 and Roku Premiere is. Roku is a front-runner among other streaming devices available in the market. Available in the forms of the box, stick or TV, select the one that is most apt for your constraints.

Roku 4 Features:

  • The best video streaming device if you own a 4K TV.
  • Features are more in Roku 4when compared competitors
  • Quad-core processor for 60fps 4K gives the best video output resolution.
  • It measures around 0.8*6.5*inches or 2*16.5*16.5cms.
  • The device’s flat top is a special feature
  • 5GB of RAM with 256MB memory space for storage
  • Play personal media through the Micro SD slot
  • Stream content such as photos, music and videos directly on to the TV
  • Up to 128GB of external memory
  • Quick access buttons on the remote for:
    • Netflix
    • Amazon instant video
    • Rdio
    • Sling TV
  • Built-in microphone for voice search
  • Private listening with headphone jack on the remote
    • Plug in your headphones into the jack and listen to all streams without disturbing others
  • Remote-finder finds your remote when misplaced
    • Press the Remote Finder button on the streaming device to locate it

Roku Premiere Features:

  • Cheaper than most streaming devices in the market
  • Stream Netflix, Amazon Video, Vudu, YouTube and other video services in 4k
  • By far the best video quality in the market
  • Satisfactory viewing of even low-quality streams
  • Compatible with both 4K and HDR streamers
  • Point the remote anywhere – Stash the box out of the line of sight and don’t point directly
  • The box contains no buttons
  • It has a full-size HDMI port and a power jack
  • Quad-Core processor to browse through the apps quickly

What is the difference between Roku 4 and Roku Premiere?

Roku 4 and Roku premiere have more or less the same specifications with the minor differences.

The Roku 4’s remote comes with private listening and the lost remote finder. This is not available with the Roku Premiere’s remote.

The Roku 4 has an Ethernet port to use a wired internet connection for better video streaming. The Roku Premiere runs only on a Wi-Fi connection.

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