How to Get to Settings on Roku TV without Remote

How to Get to Settings on Roku TV without Remote

How to Get to Settings on Roku TV without Remote

You can navigate to the TV settings with the Roku mobile app from the app store and users can take advantage of the additional features available on the app. Connect the streaming player with the mobile device to the same wireless network.

Accessing channels

  • Download and install the Roku app on your mobile device
  • Launch the application and go to the MY CHANNELS option
  • Your Roku account channels list is displayed

Using your mobile or laptop as a remote:

  • To use your mobile or laptop as a remote, perform the following functions:
    • Changing channels using the channel up and down arrows
    • Changing the volume control using the volume up or down arrows
    • Play or pause a video
    • Reverse scan and forward scan
    • Channel search
    • Adjust your TV volume using the volume buttons on your mobile device

How to get to settings on Roku tv without remote and search for content

  • Use the drop-down menu on your app
  • Select ROKU SEARCH option ->  search for channels or other content available on the channel store
  • As a universal search, it will fetch results from other channels
  • From the search results, select a channel of your choice

To add and remove channels:

  • To add or remove a channel:
    • Go to the STREAMING CHANNELS option on your TV screen
    • First, go to the Roku’ s HOME SCREEN -> click STREAMING CHANNELS option
    • Log into your Roku account using your credentials
    • Select the channel and move to the ADD A CHANNEL option
    • Based on account settings, you may be prompted for a PIN
    • Pay a subscription if it is a paid channel
    • Else, the channel gets added to your account automatically

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